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Hi! I am Savfk - a music composer based in London, UK.

I primarily release my music under a Creative Commons license, for anyone to use for free. You can find my full library in my YouTube channel.

The only thing I ask in return is that you properly credit me. Composing music is a very hard job, and doing it for free is even harder..! So please do remember to credit me properly anytime you use my music!

You can do so by simply mentioning me and the track title in your video description, including a link to my YouTube channel. For instance, a good credit would look like this:

Music used: The travelling symphony by Savfk -

Before you use my music, I also ask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel (you need to sign in to Google before you can do so):

If you don't credit me on YouTube, you risk getting a copyright claim. You can find information regarding copyright claims here.

As you imagine, giving my music away for free is not the best way to make a living. So if you wish to support me please consider donating! Donations are very (very!) welcome..! You can donate by clicking here:

Thank you very much for your continued support..!

I also composed music for feature films, short movies, video games and TV projects. I am always happy to help with custom music so please get in touch!